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Daddy and his boys!

Mike will try and say different, but he has wanted a little lap dog that he could snuggle with for a long time! A few weeks ago I was just looking on ksl for random things when I remembered this, so I started looking through adds to see if I could find a little puppy for him. Well I came across an add, we called the lady and we had the newest addition to our family within a few hours. This is our little yorkie Dooney. She is such a cute little thing and her personality is so funny. She acts like a little rabbit, but I swear she is a dog!


It is kind hard to see but if you really look
that is Avery jumping off of the high dive!

The people I love...

Val & Nikki
Cali, Grandpa, & Dali

My Daddy...

Avery, Kade, and Braxton

Gotta have your boots to play dodge ball!

Avery & Kade just chillin'
There are many more that I wish I could have added to these pictures, but some people are just hard to catch!


Dalyn loves to put this ball in his mouth and crawl around!!!

Brax & Daddy, just CHILLIN!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALYN (our precious angel baby!)

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. There have been some very great times, and also some very scary! During the Christmas holidays I was very sick, and getting to were I got made me really realize how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I do, and also how blessed I am to have such an amazing husband... and three beautiful and perfect children! Getting Dalyn here was definitely a challenge... but man has he brought so much joy to our lives! Avery and Braxton still can't keep there hands off of him... and what can I say neither can I he is so easy to love! All three of our children have been such miracles, but there is something different about Dalyn, I guess its the fact that the doctors didn't think there was anyway that I would be able to carry him, with my lupus where it was at the time! But WE DID IT... and look at what a gift we ended up with!!! Dalyn we love you so much!!! Mommy, Daddy, Avery, & Brax!!!




Cute New HATS!

Ya see how his shirt says mom
gives me??? Well after that it

Heather's Hair Loss!

K... I don't want to gross anyone out, but I've been doing chemo for a little over three months now. I keep telling everyone that I think I'm going bald, but everyone says oh you won't lose all of your hair because it's so thick it will be fine... Well I just want all of those people to see I am losing A LOT of hair!!!



So now do you all believe me?

Little boys have SOOOOO much Fun!

Cayson Avery


So my friend Whitney and I took the little boys and my niece Cali to the Park... Well we couldn't figure out why the ball parks were so much more fun than the swing set and slides... After a little while we decided to check on the boys. Well it didn't take us long to remember that the day before it had rained... They were covered head to toe with mud... Little boys really do have more fun!!!

MMMMMM Good!!!


This easter was so fun... We woke the boys up at about 7:00 and they stumbled through the house for the first few minutes, but as soon as the realized the Easter Bunny had come they went nuts!!! Even Dalyn loved finding eggs.

Bathing BABES!

Dirty face boy...